Staffing & Mutual Aid


Central Joint Fire – EMS District has personnel on station, 24 hours per day, every day of the year.  There are a minimum of eight personnel on duty at all times. This includes a Captain, Lieutenant and six  Firefighter/Paramedics and/or EMTs. During daytime hours Monday through Friday, additional administrative personnel are on station including the Chief, Assistant Chief and Division Chief.

During evening hours and weekends, the Chief, Assistant Chief and Division Chief respond to all of the more serious calls for service. We also have close working relationships with all of our partner departments and respond with/as mutual aid or automatic aid.

Mutual Aid/Automatic Aid

Fire Service Mutual Aid refers to Fire and EMS departments in an area helping each other at times when one community’s resources are tied up due to several emergencies, or for larger incidents that require more personnel than just one department can provide on its own.

Departments often give and receive mutual aid to add to the number of needed personnel and equipment. Having mutual aid from neighboring departments promotes a safer, more efficient emergency scene and helps the department meet national standards. Very few agencies in our region staff enough personnel to operate by themselves with the exception of the Cincinnati Fire Division.

Automatic aid refers to agency cooperation on the initial dispatch. Depending on the number of personnel or equipment that is needed mutual aid partners respond from the onset of the incident.

All 16 agencies within Clermont County subscribe to the Clermont County Fire Chiefs’ Alliance Mutual Aid Agreement.